Light Form ECAL/Mathieu Rivier

This project implements a faceted structure placed on a plinth to support the content, which permits interaction with the content by touching it. The installation allows different forms of representations and interactions to be explored with a solid display. In order for the shape to become a surface of multi-touch visualisation, it was necessary to design a shape in heat-welded semi-transparent plastic which allows the projection and detection of fingers from inside the structure. I then made a structure in welded steel which supports the system of projection and detection on the shape. The software used allows detection with a display that is specific to the faces and their orientations. Making the installation required more work from me than producing the software. In fact, in the projects which I have undertaken to date, there was no material construction to implement and this was consequently the first time that I addressed the problems of ergonomics, scale, solidity, etc. I particularly liked not just working on the code of a software programme but also on its material implementation.



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