www is the latest iPhone application by Kazuyuki Okamoto (OKAHON), the name behind NNN Mono, Powon and iOSC, experimental sound applications for the iOS platforms. www is a new step, creating an abstract sound toy using strings/waves analogy as a core method to generate sound soon available for both iPhone and iPad.

What makes “www” musical instrument unique is the extent of functionality hidden behind what may at first appear as a simple guitar like instrument. When you start the app, you will find three strings on the screen which you can straight away play with. At the bottom left corner you will find a very small “+” sign opening a whole set of new options. The first layer includes record, play, stop, repeat. The next “+” sign that you will see as one of the options that has just appeared you can swtich on/off any of the strings. Longer tap on any of the on/off buttons will bring additional settings for that wave, allowing you to change mass, ConstK, Drag, Attack force, Tention, Play Mode, Accel Force, Accel pan value, Portamento value and Wave Control Point Display toggle. Tapping on the bars at the top of the screen will allow you to switch to Pitch transpose pad or draw bars where you can adjust Adjust the amplitude of each harmonic. Further down you have a number of other options including ability to frequency of tempo modulation, depth of tempo modulation, change colours of the UI, and finally access to sequencer which is also available.



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