knot(e) by Matthieu Minguet – Sound and visual interface for iPhone

knot(e) by Matthieu Minguet – Sound and visual interface for iPhone


Created by Matthieu Minguet, knot (e) is a custom built device that offers a new way of using objects that we connect to our mobile devices. The prototypes, shown in the form ropes, harness themselves to revisit the new node as input data. As an extension of a conventional listening device, it allows the user to generate visual and sound compositions by the simple action of “bending the cable”.

The intersection of the rope amplifies the signal. Conversely, the absence of knots and curves restores the application to its original position. Each prototype has its own forms, colours, atmospheres and sound effects. They are polyester sheet halyards from wich the core has been replaced with an empty silicon tube. They are attached with two wood cylinder and custom plugs with rubber rings to the extremities. Each plug are prepared to receive specific electronic components and are easily detachable. They can be connected to one another for more complex compositions or used one at the time.



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