Cynematic Cosmogony?

Cymatics is the practice of bringing matter to life with sound. A ubiquitous, fine material, like sand, tiny pellets, molecules, ice flakes, dust, these types of small things can all vibrate with the sound, creating a volume of space that the particles then occupy, essentially moving from a 2 dimensional world to a 3 dimensional world (plus time). It doesn’t take long before one begins to notice that cymatics create circles and spheres which resemble the cellular barriers for micro-organisms. In a cell-space, enclosed by nothing more than sound, the essential amino acids which comprise our DNA maneuvered more freely, and recombined to create the life we see today. The idea of a cymatic-based cosmogony is not new, but also not mainstream. This idea is also explored at Cymascope, which writes that, “The hypothetical model we have developed was inspired by ancient traditions and demonstrates that sound and cymatic forces could have worked together to become the dynamic force that created the first stirrings of life.” What they call a hypothetical model, Alternative Non Fiction calls a cosmogony. Amino acids can come together to form life with sound, or with electricity (as shown in the Miller-Urey Experiments), or likely with a great many other methods. Perhaps life itself is at least as diverse as the abundantly many forms of sound in our natural universe. Sound is an interesting concept to view as a vessel for the creation of life, because it can be applied on so many scales. The effects of sound can be manifested on cellular or planetary scales, as we see with Saturn. What would “planetary” life look like? Does this perspective logically require the Gaia hypothesis, or merely allude to it? Indeed, the circles and shapes created with cymatics could also evoke a resemblance to planetary orbits around stars, or electron orbits around nuclei. When such universal geometry is conjured up at the whim of a few sonic frequencies here and there, it’s no wonder our world is abuzz with life.



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