bertrand lanthiez hypnotically visualizes music onto threads

bertrand lanthiez hypnotically visualizes music onto threads

demonstrating the hypnotic power of simultaneously hearing, touching and seeing sound, two different installations by paris-based artist bertrand lanthiez engage with the impact of music on the entire body. ‘sounds of threads’ was exhibited in reykjavik, iceland in june 2013, where visitors interacted with the immersive work by both feeling and creating music. visualizing music onto thin strands of icelandic wool, the black and white piece translates different rhythms through light waves, enabling the sound not only to be heard but also ‘seen’. the second installation was set up in a tiny room where people created their own ‘music piece’ through touching wires hanging from the ceiling, and by walking or dancing around in bare feet. responding to the random movements of the collective bodies, sound samples connected to multi-colored light impulses were projected onto large, hanging flag-like transparent fabrics. despite being structured differently – the main, black and white piece featured a really thin ray of light choreographed by a soundtrack, while the colorful fabric became an instrument for performance – they were both connected, utilizing the same voices and sounds to highlight the link between human senses.



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